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10 PASS  is a community for anyone working in sports at younger ages .

If you are part of this world, then you know that involvement in sport is much more than develop physical abilities and mentality only - this practice affects all aspects of life, and accordingly, the quality of life: the hours in which we spend in sports facilities creates a meeting with children, parents and coaches all shades of the population and the common denominator is first and foremost a love of sports.

10 PASS  was founded  from personal experience and the desire to share a few more people the experience of dealing in sport, and football in particular, in all its diversity - an essential tool for the development of mental, physical and social of young people.

The community here is to introduce and exchange as much information as possible in a variety of issues surrounding the sports activities, physical training, through nutrition and medicine, and lectures of mental strength.

Through cooperation, we are confident, we will contribute to the love of sport and education and tolerance

And since this is a community - the content is yours as well. We welcome, share and share information, experiences and pictures of the site and readers of our other channels.

Each of us has the experience and ability to contribute to the sport-loving community

Thank you , 10 PASS

We write about: 


Parents of children in competitive sports  //  Nutrition and Medicine for Athletes  //  Mental training  //  Outstanding athletes

Coaching Philosophy  //  Players  //  Dreams come true

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